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My name is Boris Yarovoy. I live in Russia, in the city of Vladivostok. TRON.ru - this is my website. And I came up with a technology that pozvodyaet accurately predict the time, place and power of earthquakes. Write: avatarabo@gmail.com Sorry for the bad English - is Google translator.

Big DATA - how to accurately predict the time and strength of earthquakes

If you live in Japan, USA (California), China - you know what an earthquake is. It does not understand who is poor, who is rich, who is old, who is young, but just blindly kills and destroys. Since the emergence of the first civilizations, earthquakes have caused enormous damage to humanity. First of all, this is a huge number of victims: from one Shanxi earthquake in 1556 in China, 830,000 people died. And a huge economic damage - only from the Tohoku earthquake (Japan, March 11, 2011), Japan lost about $ 250 billion and this without taking into account the consequences of the accident at the nuclear power plant of Fukushima. According to the data for the 21st century, the average annual economic damage from the earthquake is about $ 7 billion.


When a respected but elderly scientist claims that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he claims that something is impossible, he is very probably mistaken.
The First Law of Clark

From the earthquake you can escape, you can prepare for it, but for this you need to know exactly when and where it will be. The short-term forecast of the time (to within a day), the epicenter (with an accuracy of up to 10 km) and the strength of earthquakes (with an accuracy of up to 2 points) allow me to reduce the number of victims by 89.3% and reduce economic losses by 24.2% for account minimization of the risk of infrastructural accidents at industrial enterprises of energy, transport, communications. In 2013, the Chinese government allocated $ 300 million to search for and create earthquake forecasting technology. In the framework of scientific works aimed at predicting earthquakes, scientists have studied the relationship of the forthcoming earthquakes with a variety of different factors:

  • movement of the earth's crust
  • release of radon or hydrogen
  • change in the acceleration of seismic waves
  • large-scale changes in soil temperature
  • changes in ion concentration in the ionosphere
  • change in groundwater level in wells
  • electromagnetic fields (seismoelectromagnetism)

However, having all this information, scientists could not find the exact forecasting technology and came to the conclusion that "the deterministic (causal) predictions of individual earthquakes with an accuracy sufficient to allow planning of evacuation programs are unrealistic," or saying easier: a short-term earthquake forecast is impossible in principle, Now the earthquake forecast looks like this:

There is a 70 percent chance for a 7th earthquake
in the Tokyo area over the next 30 years
National Research Institute
Earth Sciences and Prevention of Natural Disasters of Japan.


The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to venture to take a step into the impossible.
The Second Law of Clark

I predicted for the first time that earthquakes could be predicted using the Internet in 2003 in my article "The Internet - the environment for the functioning of artificial intelligence". I did not see any solution at that time, but simply wrote that "AI (Artificial Intelligence) can predict earthquakes, find a cure for AIDS and cancer, and solve many more people's problems. AI has nothing to share with humanity - we live in different worlds, absolutely not interfering with each other." After 8 years, on March 11, 2011 in Japan, one of the strongest earthquakes on our planet in recent years. More than 15,000 people were drowned, drowned, burned, and 3,000 others are still missing. Among the dead were about 600 Ainu, which is 3% of the total number of this people. It's as if 3 million people were killed in Russia in one day. Or 10 million in the US. This is a terrible tragedy. And one day satori-insight came and a solution was found. Surprisingly simple and easy.

The only predicted earthquake in modern history occurred in the Chinese province of Liaoning in 1975. Then it was possible to save tens of thousands of people, thanks to the fact that local authorities paid attention to the change in the behavior of animals and decided to evacuate people. If you look at the Internet, you can find many cases where animals predict earthquakes and explosions of volcanoes.

These messages can be treated differently, consider them random, faked, invented. But in the patent bureau of Israel there are competent people. And it was in Israel that the former Russian scientist received a patent for a method that makes it possible to make an earthquake prediction based on a change in the behavior of animals. However, the implementation of his method was very costly, since it required the construction and maintenance of special biological laboratories in all seismically dangerous communities.

But everything can be done much easier. Why build and maintain laboratories, if people already have pets? If there are farms, poultry farms, zoos, dolphinariums, aquariums, terrariums? It is only necessary to have an information collection tool, and then with the help of the first and second trigonometric functions it is easy to calculate the place, time and force of earthquakes.

The technology of gathering information from people, animal owners, (as an option: from special sensors) in real time mode is a rather complicated and laborious task. Was. Before the Internet appeared. Now, to solve it, only a small API application is needed in the social network or one page on any site, with geotargeting on users from seismically active areas. This technology was called TRON: Technology Real-time Online Nucleus and in 2011, its description was published in the magazine Forbes. Further, thanks to the help of Rechkabo Kakuhoningen and Laboratory Internet Learning Ainur (LILA), it was possible to collect the necessary amount of data and compile a detailed table on the reaction of certain species of pets to the approaching earthquake.
  • Type of animal
  • Distance to the epicenter.
  • Time of reaction before the earthquake.

 Epicenter20-50 km 50-100 km  100-200 km >200 km 
Aquarium fish
 More than a weekMore than a weekMore than a week More than a weekMore than a week 
Rats, mice.
More than a weekMore than a week More than a week   More than a week
Chickens, birds
More than a week  A few daysA few days 
Cow, horse 
 A few daysOne dayOne day 
Cat, dog
One dayFew hours Few hours  

Have you read this text? Now you can safely go on to sleep. So did the 2000 people who saw this page before you. And hundreds more who saw this page. Go on to sleep. No one will ask you today why you did not like or repost. But if your relatives, friends and relatives will ever suffer from earthquakes - you yourself will ask yourself: why didn’t I do anything then? Why did I think that nothing depends on me? Why did this strange man living in some wild Russia, where there were no earthquakes, fight for the life and health of strangers, and I did nothing, did nothing? He did not ask for money, he simply asked to like and tell someone about his technology, but I did not believe it. I did not believe that I had accidentally met a man who knew what a thousand scientists around the world did not know. And now God punished me for sleeping when I needed to scream.

§1 How do you know that he can not predict strength, time and place, if you haven't tested it yet?
§2 First they dont notice you, then they laugh at you, then they fight with you. And then you win.
§3 First they dont notice you, then they laugh at you, then they FIGHT with you. And then you win.
§3,14 TRON - this is not a placebo panacea for all occasions.
§4 Each advanced technology is similar to magic.
§6 There is no Putin, no Trump, no ISIL, no AIDS. Only TRON


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