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Hello. My name is Boris Spring. I live in Russia, in the city of Vladivostok. - this is my website. And I came up with a technology that pozvodyaet accurately predict the time, place and power of earthquakes. PS/ Sorry for the bad English - is Google translator.

TRON technology designed to predict in real time date force and epicenter. For the mathematical and statistical analysis uses a single database (DB) on the behavior of domestic birds, fish and animals, fills Internet users. Information for processing database is provided directly to the site TRON, and users of social networks and Internet services (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Yahoo, Skype, etc.) from earthquake-prone areas. Using special API (application programming interface) applications, they can provide information on themselves as social services, and using plug-ins to other sites. Forbes

 While scientists concentrated primarily on potential seismic precursors to quakes, anecdotal reports of other odd goings-on before earthquakes are common. As far back as ancient Greece there have been reports of animals behaving strangely before a quake. Recent research in Germany has even documented ant colonies modifying their behavior pre-quake.  So-called “earthquake pets” — inspired TRON founder to see if he could track down the electromagnetic signals responsible and possibly use them to predict earthquakes. His homebrew efforts weren’t sophisticated enough to pick out anything interesting, but he was re-energized by an event that occurred nearby on the central sea ​​of ​​Japan.

What should people who live in such seismically dangerous countries like Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Israel, Spain, India, Iran, Iraq, the USA, China, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Pakistan, Uzbekistan do , Ukraine, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Japan?
  1. You can pass by, as it was done by thousands of people who saw and read this page. But if there is an earthquake, where your relatives, friends or relatives will suffer, and after that you will somewhere read that the earthquake prediction technology based on the analysis of animal behavior works: then you will live with the thought that you personally could do something, But ... I'm sure you'll find yourself an excuse.
  2. The Internet. Put a link - like this page in your social networks.
  3. The press. If among your friends and relatives there are people who have some kind of relationship to newspapers, radio, television: invite them to prepare a report on this technology.
  4. Money. Whichever God you pray to, to whatever past, present or future of the Messiah is worshiped, assistance in saving the innocent will be reckoned to you in this and in the next world.

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